IECEx Certification Scheme

Advancing trade through international certification schemes


8 Step Guide to Product Certification

You can benefit from the IECEx System’s objective on cutting certification costs and speeding turnaround times. With the goal of facilitating international trade of equipment and services intended for use in explosive atmospheres the IECEx system provides one international database listing.

IECEx Equipment Certification Scheme
IECEx requires that electrical equipment demonstrates conformity to IEC 79 series standards prepared by IEC TC31.

Unit Verification
Get the benefit of unit verification to have your custom products certified for Hazardous Locations fast and efficiently.

Quality Audits
The IECEx scheme has a mandatory quality audit process that must be met in order to remain in compliance with requirements.

Bundled Certifications
In Hazardous Locations, harmonized standards across regions make it easier for ICS to provide you with solutions to bundle your certification needs.

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